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{December 6, 2009}   Of Cookies and the Cold

Salt Lake City has been hit with a 3 day snowstorm, and I just got a cookie cookbook!

Just picked these up at the bookstore

To some people, those may seem like separate concepts, but I grew up with a Scandinavian mother, so to me, there’s no such thing as Christmastime without cookies, and I’m talking about  LOTS of cookies.  For several years I’ve practically  done without, because tragically, I gave up baking for a while upon becoming vegan.  To my mother’s credit, she hunted down a vegan almond cookie two years ago, just so my brother and I could share in the sugary joy of the season.  But now I have about 100 recipes of my own to try!

As you can see, I got some other books as well, but the first one I browsed back-to-front (which is how I do all my browsing) was Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar! I’m working every day until Thursday, so I have a while to figure out which recipe to test first.  Gingerbread?  Cowboy Cookies?  Peanut Butter Blondies?  Chocolatey Crinkle Cookies?  I’m open to a vote on this, and I’ll also be needing some cookie testers to eat my trial runs.   *Ahem*

Just for good measure, here’s the view outside my kitchen window, before the snow really picked up.  It’s magnificent and frigid out there.  And now I get to head out in this…

First Big Snowfall, Kitchen Window View


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