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{January 11, 2010}   City Cakes & Cafe – restaurant review

In keeping with one of my New Year’s resolutions, (to make more time for people who inspire me), I met up today with an old friend, the person who inspired me to become vegan when we took a course together just over 4 years ago.  Added to the joy of spending time with someone I don’t see nearly enough, and meeting his fiancee, was the joy of being introduced to a brand new vegan cafe, City Cakes & Cafe! They just opened on Saturday, and I suspect they’ll have great success!

Some of you may remember Cocoa Cafe on 9th South, 282 East, next door to Chanon Thai.  Well, Cocoa Cafe is no more, but City Cakes & Cafe has taken their spot, and they’ve filled it with vegan love.

<——–Check out this little reminder on their wall.  (It isn’t actually crooked, that’s just my sloppy photography coming through.)  I get the feeling plenty of happy moments will take place in this cafe.

Have you ever wondered how much joy one bake case can hold?  Take a look!  Yes, everything in the case below, except the items in the middle of the bottom row, is vegan.  The cinnamon rolls, though not labeled, are vegan!  Until today, I hadn’t had a cinnamon roll in years.  (And now I may never get around to making my own, with these nearby.)

click to drool over close-ups.

Of course, the three of us opted to order a bunch of items and split them.  We got a cinnamon roll, a brownie, and a blueberry muffin from the bake case.   I didn’t get pictures, but they have a bunch of organic teas as well.  (The Orange White tea is delicious.)

Oh, and as we stood at the counter waiting our turn (yes, they have a fair amount of foot traffic already) I saw steam rising from one of four silver contraptions behind the counter, and smelled something delicious.  It took me a while to grasp what was in front of me….waffles!! We got a waffle with blueberries and strawberries on top, syrup, and vegan butter.  They offer maple, agave, and fruit syrup for your fresh, perfectly cooked waffles.

So, how does everything taste?  Exactly the way you want it to. The cinnamon roll was soft and not overloaded with frosting.  The brownie surprised me with hidden chocolate chunks, and again, wasn’t overly sweet, but just right.  The first bite of blueberry muffin brought out a nostalgia for blueberry muffins I hadn’t even known was lurking inside me.

These pictures really can’t convey the delicious experience waiting for you at the cafe, but go ahead and click on them anyway to see larger images.

Suggestion: next time you’re at Chanon Thai, and you’ve burned your tastebuds, head next door to City Cakes and Cafe for a sweet dessert.  And please take me with you!  I need more waffles…


Pete says:

This place is yet another gem who’s popping up in SLC. Another reason we should avoid chains at all cost and support these type of local establishments.

Krys says:

I agree, Pete! There are so many great small businesses who are glad to accommodate hungry vegans. They deserve our patronage. For a map of other vegan businesses in the area, check this link on my website:

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