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{January 14, 2010}   New year, new goals.

What does a vegan who has no more weight to lose and doesn’t smoke resolve to work on when January rolls around?  All in all, I think I made about 25 resolutions this year, but I’ll spare you most of those efforts at self-improvement, and post only the ones that are most relevant to my Vegan Salt readers.

  • Get full bloodwork and a physical to see how healthy I am and where I can improve.  (I’ll have my doctor test my iron, cholesterol, bone density, etc.)
  • Petition my grocery store to start carrying more vegan items, particularly soy yogurt, vegenaise, egg replacer, vegan cheeses, and a better selection of sugars.
  • Make a cheesecake.  I never have baked a cheesecake, vegan or otherwise.  Have any recipes or suggestions for my attempt?
  • Become certified in vegan nutrition!
  • Add new foods to our kitchen, like kale, tempeh,  and quinoa.
  • Attend regular, guided yoga sessions.  I have my heart set on Flow City Yoga.
  • Try putting the cats on a vegan diet!  From what I hear, not all cats take to it well, but I think at least one of ours will like it: he’s always trying to eat our food instead of his own.
  • Eat more Indian, Thai and Chinese food.  Branching out into different cultural foods means getting a wider variety of veggies and nutrients in our diet.
  • Be a better vegan: learn more about cosmetics and other non-food items.
  • Drink more tea.
  • Test plenty of new recipes, and post the results!

I think the bloodwork will probably be the hardest for me.  I absolutely loathe needles and I’ve physically attacked a phlebotomist in self-defense.  I might need to be sedated.  So what are you working on this year?  Will I see you at yoga?


Mrs. Nix says:

I thought that becoming vegan would end up a resolution for 2010, but it’s just done already. It’s not going to be a “toes in the pool” kind of thing, and I was relieved by that.

So…I’m stuck with the following:

1.) Spend the year getting educated about non-food animal products I can replace with vegan counterparts.

2.) Over the course of the year, make it known and public without being arrogant or haughty to my parents and friends and everyone else in my life who should know that I am a vegan.

3.) Get into yoga (this is more difficult than you’d think. I have degenerative disk disease in my lumbar spine, so finding a yoga instructor who can work with me has proven way harder than I thought it would). I need to strengthen my core, and pilates is impossible for me because of the way the back is used in many of the moves. Yoga, on the other hand, is extremely adaptable and has been recommended to me by many medical professionals.

4.) Get my husband and daughter fully veganized by making lunches and snacks for the former and better educating the latter.

5.) Learn to make nori veggie rolls myself so that I don’t have to go to a sushi restaurant to get them.

6.) Quit Smoking. I’m 35 now. It’s time to man up. It’s not cute and it’s not youthful rebellion anymore. Now? It’s just slow-paced suicide. So. It needs to stop. I’ll be working on this very soon.

matt says:

your gonna laugh but i think i have a vegan cheesecake recipe for you.

[…] may or may recall that one of my personal goals for this year was to learn to eat (and enjoy) kale, the ultimate nutritional powerhouse vegetable.  Kale is a […]

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