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{January 29, 2010}   Lunch at Oasis Café

A non-veg friend took us out to eat at Oasis Café the other day.  Having not been to Oasis in quite a while, I was pleased to have the chance to revisit it.  My favorite thing about Oasis is that it’s connected to a themed bookstore, The Golden Braid, so one can easily linger for hours. Oasis also has a unique atmosphere, combining a broad coffee counter and a functional coffee roaster with wait-to-be-seated dining on the western side.

We got there a little too early for the dinner menu, so we ordered from the lunch menu, which you can see on the site.  I have to admit, I was disappointed at what an overwhelming percentage of their meals were flesh-based: ten of the fourteen!  Two are vegan, and two can be made vegan on request.  We ordered the two vegan options, not feeling as though there was much of an option for us.  Specifically, we had the Vegan Tasting Plate and the Curry Vegetable Wrap.

Vegan Tasting Plate

To be clear, I’m not the sort of person who expects the world to cater to her diet.  There are reasons I don’t go near steakhouses, burger joints and such.  I suppose I held Oasis to a higher standard, since they pride themselves on being veg-friendly and healthy, and have a pretty good reputation for catering to a more conscious crowd.

Despite being a bit irked at the lopsided menu, when our food arrived, it looked fabulous.  Click on the images to see the plates in close-up.  Our server, whose name I can’t recall, was very pleasant and even welcomed me taking photos at the table.  *note* The wine you see was brought by our friend, and is probably not available through Oasis, though they do serve alcohol as well.

Curry Vegetable Wrap

To start with the Tasting Plate (above), on the right of the pita segments is hummus: plain and simple, but not a bad hummus at all.  I finished it off.  On the left is the artichoke tapenade, which Tyran loved and now wants to recreate at home.  I can’t for the life of me recall what kind of beans our server told us went into it.  From now on, if I’m drinking at dinner, I’m taking notes!

The curried tofu in the Curry Vegetable Wrap (left), was tasty and made me wonder why I don’t cook with curry more often.  The wrap also had a schmear of pesto which added a flavor boost.  In both dishes, the pita bread was deliciously warm and thick.  The veggies and greens were a bit bland, but then, I’m the garlic-and-vinegar sort, so my taste isn’t that of everyone, and you may very well disagree.  All in all, we finished off every last juicy bit, and left feeling both pleasantly full and tipsy.

Overall verdict: great atmosphere, friendly service, pretty good food, but poor vegan selection.  Not a bad place to go if the people you’re with refuse to eat a single vegan meal.   (I’m not naming names…)


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