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{August 3, 2010}   Cakewalk Bakery Opens SLC Location!

Chances are, you’ve heard of Cakewalk Baking Co. already.  Cakewalk is Utah’s first and only all-vegan bakery, with an original storefront location in Woods Cross, and now a brand new location right downtown.  Just days after they opened their doors, Natala (of and I had the opportunity to take a look around and to visit with Kelly, the owner and baker herself!

Kelly was vegan before I’d even heard the word vegan.  She started selling delicious vegan baked goods to pay for her dog’s medical treatments, and her love for animals is evidenced in everything she does.  If there’s a fundraiser for an animal sanctuary, a circus protest, or just a good old fashioned vegan potluck, there’s a good chance she’ll be there with a box of cupcakes or some other sweet creation.  (At one unforgettable fundraiser, there was a “Snickers” cake so rich that 20 people couldn’t finish it off!)  Kelly is creative and talented with her baking, and can do just about anything.  She is determined not to let any vegan feel “deprived” of any favorite junk food from their less-conscious days, which is why you’ll find her dreaming up wildly indulgent treats and offering new items all the time.

Cakewalk is famous for its many delectable cupcake flavors Peanut Butter Bombs and the oversized Carrot Cupcake are two of my favorites, and the ones pictured here are Red Velvet with white frosting and Chocolate Orange Truffle.  But they offer so much more than just cupcakes!  The new store location features a vegan soft-serve ice cream machine, so floats, cones and sundaes are all available, complete with a variety of toppings.  You can also order customized cakes for birthdays, weddings, or any other occasion you can think of.   The bake case also features cookies and other pastries, along with the world’s best vegan Twinkie: the Dillo.  Dillos (as in armadillos) come in four varieties:

  • Original: like a traditional Twinkie.
  • Chocodillo: it’s coated in chocolate.
  • Raz-Dillo: with a layer of raspberry and coconut.
  • Ding-Dillo: chocolate-coated AND the cake part is chocolate.  (Think: Hostess cupcake.)

If you live outside of Utah, you can also get Cakewalk’s Dillos right here.

But wait, there’s more!  =)  Cakewalk is also a supplier of vegan goods like Go Max Go candy bars, V-Dog vegan dog food, Eco Planet “cheese” crackers (for those of you who were once hooked on Cheese Nips), and many other things, from vegan marshmallows and jerky to various honey alternatives.  Click to take a closer look at their shelves.

Aaaaand, there’s an entire refrigerator case filled with vegan cheese.  I’ll be honest, I hadn’t yet found a vegan cheese I thought was worth the money, but Kelly gave us a sample of Sheese, and I bought some on the spot!  Cakewalk also sells Daiya shreds at a lower price than you’ll pay at Whole Foods.

There’s so much to love about this store.  The interior is high-ceilinged and bright with sunshine, one wall painted a cheery lime green.  That’s the cheese case on the left, and on the right, two shelves of vegan or vegetarian cookbooks for you to browse!   Other cool details:

Many treats are available gluten-free, including any cake or cupcake.

All the sugars used in baking are guaranteed vegan: no bone char whitened sugar!

The store is a breastfeeding-friendly zone.

And, last but not least, Cakewalk has an all-vegan staff.

You’ll find Cakewalk’s new Salt Lake City location at 434 South, 900 East.  Store hours: 12-8, Saturdays 12-9.  Once school starts up, they’ll be opening early, at 8 AM, so you can get something to munch on while you wait for Trax to take you up to the U!    You can connect with Cakewalk Baking Co. on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or visit their website.


Stewart says:

Oh and they also now serve coffee at their SLC location. If you bring your own mug, they’ll charge you less too. And don’t forget to get a punch card when you buy treats, as you’ll likely keep buying treats, you might as well get a free one every now and then.

Joe says:

more details are needed on the ice cream front, sundaes and floats. yum!

natalamc says:

Sadly, I didn’t actually eat anything there – but the space was AMAZING! I absolutely loved the look and feel and the small vegan grocery section is also awesome. I hope it takes off like crazy – because they are just awesome people.

Devan Fronk says:

434 South, 900 East? Seriously? That’s like, across the street from me!

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