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{October 15, 2010}   guest post

The following is a guest post from a dear friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

Photo credit: Sebastião Salgado.


Very fresh perspective, the opposite of self-righteous. Thank you!

Lil says:

This is a beautiful and humble reflection and I think more people need to read it! Do you mind if I comment on it and link to it through my blog?

Krys says:

Would I mind? I’d love it!

animalactionist says:

This is simply brilliant! This is what veganism is all about – it’s exactly how I feel and how I would like others to understand my motives. Your anonymous friend is a beautiful writer and I sincerely hope he/she writes more. Thank you both – so much – for writing and sharing this.

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Mylene says:

This is a really good piece! Anonymous rocks!

CYoFC says:

Wow. This was incredible.

You not only put exactly how I feel into words (and, might I add, you did it more articulately that I ever have), but you also *reminded* me that I feel this way. Between all the recipes, the “vegan celebrities,” the new vegan restaurants on the block, and all the other hyped-up distractions…this, what you wrote, is what it *truly* means to be vegan. All I have to say is AMEN.

Linda says:

Oh wow, this is amazing. It’s good to know I;m not alone in feeling so guilty that I’m not considering my impact even more than I try to. I’ve not felt so connected to a piece of writing since Jonathan Safran-Foer’s Eating Animals……..I wish I could make everyone in the world read it!

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