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{January 5, 2011}   The Best Posts of 2010

We’re just one week into 2011.  It still has that shiny, new year smell!   But I’m telling you, it’s definite: this year will the the Best Year Ever.  I started Vegan Salt a little over a year ago, so that milestone combined with the threshold of a brand new year have had me looking back over 2010, my first year of vegan blogging.

This year I discovered how to make food taste like eggs with a ridiculously affordable Indian spice (and had my site linked to by a Wikipedia article as a result).  I met Natala of, a passionate, inspiring vegan and a very fun woman.  I guest blogged for The Blissful Chef about how I used to have IBS, and I celebrated my fourth veganniversary.  In 2010 I blogged a little more than once a week on average, and uploaded about 5 photos per week, mostly of tasty vegan food.  Maybe you haven’t known me for that long, and don’t want to read all 55 posts.  Well, you’re in luck.  Here’s a recap of the year’s best!

Most Viewed: Tyler Durden vs. The Vegan Police -my take on the “how vegan is vegan enough” question, and those few vegans who devote their time to criticizing the rest of us.  This post saw a renewed popularity following the release of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  Thanks, movie fans!

Most Commented On (Excluding the Tyler Durden post): Food, Guilt, and Self-Loathing -about how my unhealthy relationship with food began in my childhood, and how becoming vegan healed my soul even more than my body.  This was probably the most difficult post for me to write and publish, but also the most rewarding.  The outpouring of sympathy and understanding from my female readers in particular was incredible to experience.

Most Popular Recipe: Chickpea Coconut Curry, which was made and posted by the fantastic Kerry of I Eat Trees, so I have her to thank for its ongoing attention.  (For more Vegan Salt recipes, like Black Bean Burgers, Pesto Pasta, Oven Kale Chips, and Cookie Sheet Apple Pie, just click my recipes category, which I keep in the sidebar.)

Most Frequently Searched For: Vegans Never Get Sick.. -which I really must do a follow-up on, because it turned out I was sick, but not because of the bug that was going around…

Most Admired, Linked to, and Shared by my Readers: Why I’m Vegan, or, Why I’m Not Necessarily a Good Person, or, Making a Deal With The Devil: How to Get More Than a Pair of Socks in Exchange for Your Soul -a beautiful guest post for which I can’t take any credit.  It was offered to me (on condition of anonymity), and when I’d finished crying, I gratefully accepted.

Top 3 Posts I think deserve One More Mention, because they came from my heart, deep in the truly-giving-a-damn-about-animals center, and I meant every single word:

Animals, Schmanimals.  Shouldn’t People Come First? -Vegans get this question frequently, and I think it’s one that deserves a solid and sincere answer.

Puppy Love -Doublethink Exemplified -An essay I wrote as a brand new vegan (over four years ago), about Michael Vick: the unextraordinary omnivore.

Vegan For Life -Veganism is like love.  For some, it’s a struggle.

I’ve been driven to write for most of my life.  If I didn’t have a blog, I’d just be scrawling lists and detached sentences into notebooks or onto scraps of paper.  You, my readers, are the reason I jump into the chaotic ocean that is the internet, and blog.  This project has introduced me to incredible, inspiring people, and it has also brought phrases and ideas out of me that I never would have articulated, or perhaps even formulated, if I didn’t have an audience with whom to interact.  Thank you.

As we plunge into 2011 together, I hope you’ll stay nearby, and comment if you’ve been reading in silence.  Follow me on Twitter if you can’t get enough of me, and on Facebook if you’d rather I kept my mouth shut between blog posts.

….And one more thing.  I’d like to say that I’ll post more frequently this year, that I’ll go to the vegan blogging conference, and create a hundred new recipes for you.  But I have other priorities this year.  I’m marrying my soulmate and best friend this spring!  No, I won’t be blogging all about it, but I’ll probably share a photo,and I’ll almost certainly share photos of the lovely spread of vegan food and wine.  So if I’m a little more preoccupied than usual, just know that it’s in the interest of throwing a fabulous vegan celebration of true love!

I wish you all a year of joy, love, and compassion in 2011.


Rob says:

Congratulations on your continuing successes and in advance on your marriage!

Sarah says:

Thanks for the black salt info – I’ve heard about it before, but never knew the real name for it. Thanks!

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