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Keith Frederick says:

Why is it that so many vegan dishes are high in salt? With my blood pressure an issue and doctors exhorting me to maintain a low salt / low fat diet, I’m enjoying creating and cooking vegan style meals – but I get so annoyed when trying to eat out and finding that vegan restaurants barely or rarely cater to the low salt / low fat needs of people like me.

Krys says:

Keith, I don’t know how to address your complaint that vegan dishes are high in salt, because I have never known that to be the case. Perhaps I’m merely unaware, since I’ve never tried to eliminate salt from my diet. That could be the issue with the vegan restaurants you’ve frequented as well: most of their customers aren’t vegan because they’re cutting out salt, they’re vegan for ethical reasons.
That said, most of the salt in our diets these days (and I’m talking about everyone in the Western World), is hidden salt, added to processed and pre-made foods. Just by going vegan, you’re cutting out the biggest salt culprit: cured meats. And by eliminating processed foods and switching to buying whole foods and making things from scratch, you can control the amount of salt (and sugar) in things like spaghetti sauce or soup. A quality restaurant should be making most dishes from whole foods (unless you’re ordering vegan meat substitutes), so the salt content should be controllable.
I’m not sure what area you live in, but take a look around and try to find a raw food restaurant. The food is delicious and made of nothing but raw, fresh plants! Best of luck to you on your journey.

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