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I’m cleaning (and greening) up my act!   In this blog series I’ll be phasing out animal-derived, chemical-laden household and body products, and seeking out vegan, earth-friendly, affordable alternatives!

This past week, I was delighted to hear that not one, but two dear friends who were formerly vegan are interested in becoming vegan once again!  One had lapsed for several years, and she asked me to help her with some grocery-label-reading.  (Animal-derived ingredients are many, and manufacturers often change their recipes.) Skimming the list we’re going to take to the store, I couldn’t ignore the growing certainty that some of these ingredients are still in my own home.  Not in my fridge, certainly, but in my cabinet, my shower, and even my pocket.  When it comes to non-food items, I’ve been a pretty rotten vegan.

In part, my own laziness is to blame, and the other part is due to the expense.  The stores that carry all-natural, non-toxic, vegan-friendly items are further from home, and quite frankly, they tend to cost several times more than what my nearby grocery store sells.  I hope that I won’t be judged too harshly for this confession.  I’m about to grab every non-food item I have lying around and examine the ingredient list, pointing out the animal-derived ingredients I find. For some items, I already know of available alternatives: I’ll mention their prices and where to get them.  For others, I’ll have to do my homework.  Some of my Twitter friends have been very helpful in suggesting non-toxic, vegan items I should look into.  If you know of other great products, if you can teach me to make my own, or if you’ve tried something that you thought was a waste of money, I’d love to hear from you!

I’ll continue to update you with my progress and my discoveries.  I hope I’ll find that it’s possible to veganize the entire house without breaking the bank, and maybe I’ll discover some great new products on my way to becoming a Level 5 VeganWhat better time than Earth Day to come clean, right?

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