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Naturally, when author Nathalie VanBalen contacted me and introduced me to her new childrens’ book, I was excited.  There simply aren’t many books out there for kids whose parents are swimming upstream, raising them to eat and live kindly.  Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice is a picture book about these quirky plush vikings —> who are passionate about, of all things, juicing.   They discover that yellow spotted snails can make a nutritious supplement for juice, but the snails don’t want to be eaten!  Their friend Thora urges the vikings to think about the effects of their actions.

This book does the same.  It doesn’t tell children what to do.  Instead, it respects the intelligence of young readers (and listeners) by asking open-ended questions and trusting them to seek out their own answers.   “How does it feel to be food?”  “Why do people love some animals and eat others?” These are tough questions, even for adults, to face.  But children have a remarkable ability to examine and to challenge the world around them.

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{December 6, 2009}   Of Cookies and the Cold

Salt Lake City has been hit with a 3 day snowstorm, and I just got a cookie cookbook!

Just picked these up at the bookstore

To some people, those may seem like separate concepts, but I grew up with a Scandinavian mother, so to me, there’s no such thing as Christmastime without cookies, and I’m talking about  LOTS of cookies.  For several years I’ve practically  done without, because tragically, I gave up baking for a while upon becoming vegan.  To my mother’s credit, she hunted down a vegan almond cookie two years ago, just so my brother and I could share in the sugary joy of the season.  But now I have about 100 recipes of my own to try!

As you can see, I got some other books as well, but the first one I browsed back-to-front (which is how I do all my browsing) was Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar! I’m working every day until Thursday, so I have a while to figure out which recipe to test first.  Gingerbread?  Cowboy Cookies?  Peanut Butter Blondies?  Chocolatey Crinkle Cookies?  I’m open to a vote on this, and I’ll also be needing some cookie testers to eat my trial runs.   *Ahem*

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