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{February 14, 2010}   Loving the Omnivore

Can a vegan and an omnivore live happily ever after?  Should they even bother dating or will their differences be too great to overcome?  This charming short film from this year’s Sundance Film Festival got me thinking.

Enough vegans are completely turned off by animal eaters to warrant their own term:  vegansexual, coined in 2007 by a researcher in New Zealand.   Omnivores reading this just laughed out loud, or rolled their eyes.

Are they right to sneer?  Is it elitist, judgmental, or overly demanding to insist someone give up bacon and ice cream or have no hope of getting past the first date?  Is it akin to racism, or refusing to date someone of a particular religion or political orientation? Well, no and yes.  Unlike race, your diet is something you determineVegansexuality (that term even makes me smirk a little) is a bit like dating only fellow Obama supporters, Christians, or atheists.  And yes, I think it can validly be called judgmental.  So could preferring brunettes, or people who are taller than you, or girls who shave their legs, or guys who aren’t WWF fanatics.

Unlike dating only people who enjoy The Beatles, dating only vegans means narrowing your options to 1% of the population.  If you aren’t bisexual, cut that number in half.  Then take out those far too old and far too young, and those already matched up.  There might be 2 people for you to choose between in your area!  You might as well only date Sociology majors with a minor in History.  Why would anyone choose to narrow the field so drastically?  Well, there are plenty of reasons:

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