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{January 14, 2010}   New year, new goals.

What does a vegan who has no more weight to lose and doesn’t smoke resolve to work on when January rolls around?  All in all, I think I made about 25 resolutions this year, but I’ll spare you most of those efforts at self-improvement, and post only the ones that are most relevant to my Vegan Salt readers.

  • Get full bloodwork and a physical to see how healthy I am and where I can improve.  (I’ll have my doctor test my iron, cholesterol, bone density, etc.)
  • Petition my grocery store to start carrying more vegan items, particularly soy yogurt, vegenaise, egg replacer, vegan cheeses, and a better selection of sugars.
  • Make a cheesecake.  I never have baked a cheesecake, vegan or otherwise.  Have any recipes or suggestions for my attempt?
  • Become certified in vegan nutrition!
  • Add new foods to our kitchen, like kale, tempeh,  and quinoa.
  • Attend regular, guided yoga sessions.  I have my heart set on Flow City Yoga.
  • Try putting the cats on a vegan diet!  From what I hear, not all cats take to it well, but I think at least one of ours will like it: he’s always trying to eat our food instead of his own.
  • Eat more Indian, Thai and Chinese food.  Branching out into different cultural foods means getting a wider variety of veggies and nutrients in our diet.
  • Be a better vegan: learn more about cosmetics and other non-food items.
  • Drink more tea.
  • Test plenty of new recipes, and post the results!

I think the bloodwork will probably be the hardest for me.  I absolutely loathe needles and I’ve physically attacked a phlebotomist in self-defense.  I might need to be sedated.  So what are you working on this year?  Will I see you at yoga?


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