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Yes, I’m talking to you!

Maybe you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or following me on Twitter.  You’re interested in becoming vegan but having trouble committing to making the change.  I have good news: you can hire me to be your personal vegan assistant without spending any extra money!  Here’s the idea:

  • You and I figure out what you’re currently spending on food & drinks, right down to vending machines and movie theaters.
  • We work out a transition plan that fits your personality, tastes, and lifestyle.
  • You commit to at least one month and agree to try new foods and learn to cook new recipes.
  • I help you eliminate animal products from your diet and replace them with vegan alternatives and whole plant foods.
  • Since a diet of healthy vegan foods actually costs less than the average non-vegan diet, my payment is the difference.
  • If I can’t provide you with vegan foods & vitamins for less than you’re currently spending, my services are free.
  • Once you feel you’ve transitioned to veganism and are comfortable on your own, the difference, which you were paying me, becomes your ongoing savings!

My services are available only to those in Salt Lake City.  I want to work with you one-on-one, grocery shopping, cooking, whatever it takes. Email me at to arrange a meeting.  You have nothing to lose, and becoming vegan can save your life and the lives of 100 animals every year!


A compelling offer! It’s obvious in every post how much your heart is in this, and I love the dedication shown in this proposal of being a “personal vegan assistant.” I haven’t looked through the blog enough to see if you have posted some success stories from this program, but I hope to read some.

Thanks for “being the change you hope to see.”

Krys says:

Unfortunately, most of the people I help aren’t in the area, so I haven’t been able to take a hands-on approach. Would you like to be my first success story? =)

Well, I’m not exactly in the area either, but Logan is not TOO far away. I am certain you have a lot of unwritten success stories–a person cannot read your blog and be unaffected. People cling to their food choices pretty tightly and justify even the worst behaviors, but you come at veganism from so many different angles that any reader remotely open to new ideas will be more introspective next time they are preparing a meal. I imagine most of your readers share your interest–a “preaching to the choir” sort of problem, but even there you are helping them in their convictions and bringing the strength of community.

We have 4 kids, all with different food likes and dislikes. I’ll definitely be gleaning ideas and philosophy from you even if I don’t jump all the way to veganism.

Kristen Hopper says:

Maybe one day I will be able to come to Salt Lake City and have you help me! But for now, I will just read your blogs 🙂 Thank you so much for doing all you do and your willingness to help others

Devan Fronk says:

I totally agree that this is a beautiful idea. I’m already vegan, but if I find someone wanting to transition I’ll send them your way. 🙂

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