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Hi, I’m Krystina.  I live in Salt Lake City with my soulmate and our two adopted kitties.  I became vegan over four years ago, after a political philosophy course at SLCC introduced me to a book called Animal Liberation, by ethicist Peter Singer.  I became vegan for the animals and for the planet, but it’s had such a profound positive impact on my life and my health that now I want to share the vegan joy!

Born of a European mother and a native Utahn father, I grew up in a large family, even by Utah’s standards.  I was a shy middle child, and made a deliberate effort to become more outgoing.  I met the love of my life at Barnes & Noble eight years ago, and we then proceeded to spend six years as platonic friends before joyfully realizing we belonged together.

From time to time, I take classes in cultural anthropology, politics, or philosophy at the U of U, all three being subjects which fascinate me.  I’ve visited Europe three times.  The top three places I’d like to travel to but haven’t yet are India, New York City, and Italy.  I love books, gardening, NPR, bicycling, films, and computer games.   I want to regularly practice yoga again.  I gladly admit to being the following:

  • Aunt
  • Feminist
  • Environmentalist
  • Idealist
  • Buddhist (non-practicing)
  • Nerd
  • Vegan

Devan Fronk says:

You seem awesome and I’m so glad to have found this site.

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