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{April 25, 2010}   The Chick and the Egg

I recently visited a long-time friend and her husband for dinner in their new home.  After catching up over a pleasant meal of Indian food, I met the most recent additions to their household: Rosie, Frida, and Charlotte.  This yellow ball of fluff is Rosie sitting on my hand. While not vegans, my friends are kind-hearted and progressive people, and they eat mostly plants.  They’re very conscious of food politics, environmental concerns, and health.  The purchase of three female chicks is part of their ongoing movement toward a more personally responsible and ethical relationship with food.  (They’re also growing a garden and looking into building a greenhouse.)

In an enclosed backyard, the chickens will be able to dust bathe and to scratch for bugs in the grass, once they’re a little older.  Nearly all chickens that hatch in the U.S. are denied the simple pleasures that come from having dirt and grass beneath their feet. Each of the girls is a different breed, and they were selected not for the size of the egg they will lay, but for their friendliness.  They’ll be treated more like the cat (who’s getting along with them just fine so far) than like egg machines.  This is Frida on my hand, with beautiful hawk-like markings.  Her eggs will be small and blue-green. Read the rest of this entry »


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