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{August 23, 2011}   Broccoli Whatnot Soup

Let the anti-candida recipes begin!

A while back, I received Quinoa 365, a purely quinoa cookbook, as a bridal gift from my aunt. Naturally, when I read that quinoa was permitted on an anti-candida diet, I started scanning it for veganizable, sugar-free, gluten-free recipes. By the time I finished tweaking this quinoa soup inspired recipe, it was barely recognizable, but it tasted delicious.

In a soup pot, sautee:

1/2 onion, diced
drizzle of cold-pressed olive oil
1 tsp black pepper

After a few minutes, add:
5 cups broccoli florets or a combination of broccoli and cauliflower (the stalks are fine too, but if you're juicing, remember that broccoli stems are great in your morning vegetable juice.)
16 oz. organic vegetable broth
1/3 cup quinoa

When the quinoa and broccoli have softened, stir in:
1 cup original almond milk
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
a handful of Daiya shreds, mozzarella or cheddar

When the cheese has melted, blend the soup as much or as little as you'd like, then season with:
5-10 cloves of minced fresh garlic (leaving it to the end rather than cooking it in means it is a more potent fighter of candida.)
Lemon zest and juice, to taste
Sea salt and black pepper, to taste.

Serve hot with May's Gone crackers crumbled on top.


Various fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains; ...

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I recently asked Twitter, “Do you spend more or less money on food as a vegan than you did as an omnivore?” and the responses fell pretty evenly into the following categories.

Specialty Vegans – One group said they spend more because food items made for vegans are so expensive.   (See Vegan Grocery Bills -Part 1 on vegan replacements for old favorites like cheese and marshmallows.)  Restaurants that cater specifically to vegans also tend to charge slightly more per plate than low-end standard eateries.

Organic shoppers – Another group said they spend more now, but that it’s because becoming vegan lead them to critically examine the items they consume, and they now buy significantly more organic produce and other high-priced health foods.  Tahini, raw cashews, coconut oil, chai seeds, spelt flour, organic peanut butter; all those would have seemed like luxuries to, say, my mother.  This group of folks is paying more, but eating much higher quality food.

Home Cookers – People in the third category said they actually saved money as vegans by eating out less (sometimes because so few vegan options are available) and by cooking more, usually from scratch.  This is the secret to being a frugal vegan eater. By all means, use Chick’n patties and vegan cream cheese as needed, especially as you transition to eating vegan, but keep in mind that your goal should be eating more whole plant foods.

Yes, this means learning to cook.  Yes, it takes some time, but it saves you a bunch of money, and as much as you may think you hate cooking, you’ll find that a simple meal can taste scrumptious when you have put it together yourself.  Accomplishment is a spice that goes well with everything. Read the rest of this entry »

{April 6, 2010}   Pesto Pasta -Recipe

I have an awesome brother who is vegan, and he isn’t afraid to go all-out and make something incredible from time to time.  This Vegan Pesto Pasta Salad is adapted from an online recipe he found at  It’s a bit decadent, and not what I would consider an “everyday” recipe, because of the effort and the fancy ingredients, but next time you have the slightest excuse, (landlord coming by to get the rent?) give it a try!  Mmmmmm, pesto…

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Yesterday morning, I made blueberry muffins from a non-vegan recipe.  If you have cookbooks around the house that still call for things like milk, eggs, and honey, you don’t have to throw them out — just veganize them!  I’ve made vegan muffins with this non-vegan recipe many, many times, and they always turn out well, even when I get “creative” with mix-ins. This recipe comes from “New Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant.”  Moosewood is a mostly-vegetarian restaurant back east that makes some beautifully simple recipes.  Some just need a tiny bit of tweaking to be vegan.  Here’s the recipe, with my substitutions & notes in italics:

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{December 17, 2009}   Cranberry-Orange-Walnut Bread

Mmmm, chopped cranberries...

This recipe is so yummy and fun that mid-November, when I entered the produce section in search of carrots and saw the bags of cranberries that only appear this time of year, I may have done a little hop of joy just thinking about making Cranberry-Orange-Walnut bread.  This recipe comes straight from The Veganomicon, and is so perfect that it hasn’t been altered at all, except to double the recipe, because trust me; one loaf will not be enough!   (If, for some unfathomable reason, one loaf is enough, give the other away to your neighbors.)  As an added bonus, this recipe doesn’t have any rare or unusual ingredients, unless you count the cranberries, of course.

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