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{November 13, 2010}   Vegan Thanksgiving is Tonight!!

Ching Sanctuary has been holding a vegan thanksgiving dinner in Salt Lake City every year for at least as long as I’ve been vegan.  This year, I’ll be attending  for the first time!  Vegan Thanksgiving has attained mythic status in certain circles.  People talk about the food for weeks beforehand with longing sighs, and for weeks afterward with fond, dreamy remembrance.

I went to a volunteer meeting this year (I was going to bake the pies this year, but Cakewalk took over the desserts….and if I know Kelly, the whole event will only be that much better for it.)   Anyhow, I can safely say that dozens of people devote hours, days, or weeks to making this event a success, both as a fundraiser for a wonderful rescued animal shelter, and as a community celebration.

Thanksgiving is a time of year when many of us struggle to reconcile our love for friends and family who still eat turkeys with our repulsion at having a murdered turkey on the table.  No wonder Vegan Thanksgiving has been so popular, with over 300 guests last year!  Vegans love to celebrate holidays, and it’s so much more joyful when you know nobody was hurt for your feast.

You don’t have to be vegan to come and enjoy a fantastic meal, and the money all goes to a very worthy cause. Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary takes in rescued cows, pigs, goats, birds, sheep, and other “farm” animals.  They rehabilitate injured animals and open their doors to the community for tours, so people can visit with the animals and learn to appreciate and understand them as individuals who have, in many cases, overcome miserable and traumatic circumstances.   Get $1 off for every blanket you donate for the pigs.

I’ll see you tonight!!


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