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There are certain dishes that were such a fixture of my childhood that it simply wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them.  For me, the best things about Thanksgiving dinner, aside from all my cousins coming over, were the made-from-scratch stuffing and my mom’s apple pie.   After repeated efforts, I’ve veganized both recipes to my satisfaction.

Cookie Sheet Apple Pie

In March, I reminisced about my mother’s cookie-sheet-apple-pie when I posted an apple tart recipe.  Click on that to read why pie is best in a cookie sheet, but come back here for the recipe, because those mini tarts weren’t nearly as good as the real thing!

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{April 6, 2010}   Pesto Pasta -Recipe

I have an awesome brother who is vegan, and he isn’t afraid to go all-out and make something incredible from time to time.  This Vegan Pesto Pasta Salad is adapted from an online recipe he found at  It’s a bit decadent, and not what I would consider an “everyday” recipe, because of the effort and the fancy ingredients, but next time you have the slightest excuse, (landlord coming by to get the rent?) give it a try!  Mmmmmm, pesto…

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